Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monkey Viking Tank Cake

Ok, so this cake needs a little explanation. This is the cake that I made for my second son's first birthday. Over the past year, we have affectionately nicknamed him "Tank" and I have called him my "little monkey" several times as well. In addition, my husband and I call both of our boys "Vikings" because our house regularly looks like Vikings have run through it. So, when it was time to create Tank's birthday cake nothing could be better then a monkey wearing a viking helmet on top of a tank! Perfect!
The cake is my Lemon Almond Awesome Cake with a chocolate mousse filling. The bottom tier is a 16 inch square double layer cake. The Tank is a triple layer carved cake.
All of the cake is covered in fondant and buttercream frosting. The number 1 and bananas are made of gumpaste and the barrel of the tank is a large straw. I made the monkey out of modeling chocolate (think: Tootsie Roll) with gumpaste decorations.
Also want to give props to my mother who assisted me with the decorating.
Here's a close up with me and the monkey post-party. It survived!

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